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What is Spectrum Bakes?

Spectrum Bakes is part of a larger company known as Spectrum Enterprises; a non-for-profit company with a mission. That mission is to employ young adults who fall on the autism spectrum with a stable, meaningful career. Spectrum Enterprises provide real jobs to young adults with autism, building an inclusive environment for their employees to reach their full potential. Spectrum Bakes dishes out flavorful and delicious treats in small batches. Their granola bars and bites are freshly made for each gift box.

Why We Stand with Spectrum Bakes

At Personalization Universe, we stand behind Spectrum’s mission. That mission is to provide individuals with Autism with careers that will help them live a productive and successful life. We believe it is part of our corporate social responsibility to partner with companies who do meaningful work and give back to their community. As a company, we are proud to offer our customers gifts that are crafted with purpose.

Autism Facts:

  • 1 in 59 people who are born fall on the autism spectrum
  • 70-90 percent of adults with autism are un/underemployed
  • The population of working autistic adults in the next decade is 500,000
  • The estimated lifetime societal cost of each unemployed adult with autism: $2,000,000
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