Superhero Halloween Costumes

Up, up… and into our amazing superhero costumes for women, men, and kids of all ages!

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2019 Superhero Halloween Costumes

Save the world this Halloween or step into the role of a super villain for the night with Personalization Universes exclusive Superhero Halloween Costume Collection! We offer a variety of officially licensed Halloween Costumes that will make you want to suit up! What better way to keep your secret identity than with your very own Superhero Costume! Shop from superhero costumes for her and superhero costumes for him!

Superhero Costumes for Women

Unleash the strong warrior princess from within and dress up as Wonder Woman! Use her lasso of truth to protect the Amazonians! Fight alongside Superman and bring on the girl power and dress up as Supergirl to take on the adventure Halloween might bring! Gotham city just got safer when you dress up as Batgirl, hop into the Batmobile and let’s go! Be a part of the action and join the rest of the Avengers when you put on your Black Widow costume. Want to be a bad girl for the night? Run with the Joker and dress as the one and only Harley Quinn! The options are endless!

Superhero Costumes for Men

Avengers assemble! Dress as your friendly neighborhood Spiderman to keep your city safe this Halloween! Dress as the Black Panther this Halloween and you’ll be saying “Wakanda Forever!” all night long! Gather some friends to create the Justice League and dress as Batman, Flash, and even Superman! If the good guy attitude isn’t what you’re into this Halloween, take your shot at defeating the Avengers and dress as the mighty Thanos! Lurk through Gotham city this Halloween and dress as the iconic Joker! The options are endless!

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